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Once again, I do not have much to say on the yoga side. It’s been too hot, I’m too fat and not used to just sitting down breathing in this body. Yoga is difficult — not to say impossible. I miss it though. I miss it so much. I’m dreaming of the day when I can do a real good sun salutation again (even uttanasana is now impossible… or well, my variation of it is actually called prasarita padottanasana!). And I won’t even mention how much I’m looking forward to doing a headstand!So instead of talking about my non-existant practice, I’ll let a few pictures talk for me.

First, Dutchboy and I made a deposit on a new condo, at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier bridge, in Montreal (I want to say “obviously”, but maybe it is not that obvious). It’s just East of the gay village, between Ste-Catherine and de Maisonneuve, 2 blocks away from Papineau metro station. We haven’t signed the contract yet, or requested a mortgage, so nothing’s official yet, but next week it should be… For now we reserved it and are just thinking about it some more. Dutchboy hesitates a bit more than I do — I am more passionate when it comes to these things. But chances are very good that this is our future home, where little Audrey will grow up and spend the first years of her life with mommy and daddy. Our unit faces the garden, it’ll be nice and quiet. We have a Juliette balcony where I’ll be able to grow some tomatoes and other herbs. It’s close to downtown, close to the metro, close to the shops, close to the river… I know that we will be very happy there. Here’s the plan of the unit we reserved.

Condo plan

I also thought some of you might like to see the belly (hell, I like to show it off! It’s heavy, it keeps me awake at night, it moves in all sorts of weird directions and I have no control over it… I should be proud of it and I deserve to show it off!). Here’s a picture of Dutchboy and I (and that’s Baby Audrey in there), taken at the Mont-Saint-Anne Canyon, near Quebec City, on July 22.

Mark & Julie - Canyon Mont-Saint-Anne

Also, just a nice picture of the canyon itself… Cause it’s pretty!

Canyon Mont-Saint-Anne

Will blog more soon… For now, I have to try to survive in the heat!

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