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Had a 11-hour ayurveda workshop with Michele Schulz from the Ayurvedic Institute of Albuquerque this week-end. It was very, very interesting.

We started, of course, by determining our dosha. I’ve known for a very long time that I’m a very imbalanced, typical Vata. But it was interesting to discover that my Kapha has raised a lot since I became pregnant… Still not enough to make a real difference though! I’m still primarily Vata, then Pitta, and then Kapha.

We spent 3 hours working on each dosha, doing specific yoga practices (ayuryoga) to balance these doshas, and of course talked about food… The practices were difficult for me. They’re very simple practices. A lot of moon salutations, with different breathing techniques depending on the dosha we’re working on. But in these moon salutations, there are squats and lots of lunges. With my sciatica, most of the time, it was excruciating. My right leg was shaking a lot, and at the end of the day on Saturday, I was in total pain and I really didn’t sleep much because of it.

The food talk and other habit really made up for the practices that weren’t right for me at this specific moment, though. Before the week-end started, at some point I was like “Hmm… Three days of ayurveda… Isn’t that gonna be a bit boring, after all?”, but it was really interesting and I would really like to go further into it!

Michele Schulz really is a great teacher, and speaks very amazing French. We were told the workshop would be in English, but it turns out that she studied at La Sorbonne, and she speaks excellent French. I guess she decided to give it a try. She kept saying she needed to expand her vocabulary, but really I think her French is better than my English (but then again I also think my vocabulary isn’t as diverse as it should be!). Teacher a whole week-end workshop in French must have been quite a challenge for her, and it made it that much more amazing. If you have the chance of doing a workshop with her or to get a private consultation, do! She’s really good, really nice, and really funny too!

I’m graduating from my yoga teacher training next week-end (already!! time went by fast!). I know I have something coming up that’ll keep me very very busy in just 15 weeks (again: already!! time goes by fast!), but I think for the next year I’ll register for the correspondance class the Ayurvedic Institue offers. It’s not very expensive, and I don’t think I’ll be taking many other trainings or workshops in the upcoming year, so why not.

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