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The past few weeks have been difficult, physically. Baby is growing wonderfully inside my belly, but my scoliosis is coming back to haunt me.

The pregnant woman has an otherwise abnormally high amount of relaxine in her body, which allows her pelvic area to widen and make room for the baby. This sometimes causes back pain and sciatica problems. Considering my whole spine is fused from T1 to L4 and that the only mobile part of my lower back is the lombar region, it’s a very sensitive area. Last year, I have sacro-iliac problems. And since the end of February, sciatica has been slowly making its apparition.

It started with bum pain. My bum hurt, and I didn’t know how or why. It was as if I had been riding my bike for way too long… every day. It never went away. A month ago, the pain started going down my leg, all the way to my heel. I started having shooting pains. Light at first, and now extremely intense. It’s day and night, it never stops, and there isn’t much to relieve it. I started physiotherapy at the beginning of the month. It helps a lot, on the spot, but as soon as my therapist stops touching me, it comes back. I also started wearing a pregnancy sacro-iliac belt. Same thing: it helps, but not enough. At the beginning of the month, I also felt my sacro-iliac pain coming back. And the pain in my leg is excruciating at night. I’m not exaggerating. Cramps wake me up in the middle of the night and well, I just haven’t been sleeping much for the past week.

So… Monthly appointment with my doc this week. I mention this to her, and of course she’s not surprise. With my medical past, if I was going to have a problem, it was gonna be that. So she put me on sickness leave. I found out on Thursday, and my last day at work was Friday.

I’m not unhappy to be taken off the job. I have to walk 20 minutes morning and evening to get to it and back from it, and I walk a lot during the day as well — or running is more like it, between my desk and the print production studio. Otherwise, sitting at a desk for the rest of the day is not the best thing for your back either. Also, the days are very long. Often 9.5 or 10 hours. I am rarely home before 7 p.m., or even 8 p.m. That doesn’t leave me much time to take care of myself. With the pain of the past weeks, the lack of sleep, and the stress of working in the advertising field, there were a lot of moments when I almost collapsed in tears, feeling I couldn’t do this anymore.

But at the same time, I was not ready to be taken off the job so soon. I wasn’t mentally prepared. And I wasn’t prepared to ending up with just 55% of my income so soon either! The week-end has been an emotional roller-coaster.

I had to email my yoga teacher on Friday morning, so I told her the news. She replied with one of her classic sentences: “Good news, bad news… Who knows?” We’re about to find out! Funny coincidence — or maybe not one –, Dutchboy, who had been looking for a full time job for months, got a job offer on Friday. It’s not exactly what he was hoping for, but it’s a first job in Canada, and I think he’s getting ready to accept it.

As for me, tomorrow morning I won’t be going anywhere, for the first time in my life. It’s so strange.

On yoga-related news, the teacher training is going well, I taught a few poses at the class I assist yesterday, and I’m teaching my first full class on May 13. My personal practice is not doing so well though, with the lack of time and the back problems. Although that’s about to change because I will now have a lot more time to take care of myself, including doing restorative yoga.


Those of you who’ve been following me for a while already know that I’m a Def Leppard freak. Don’t judge me!! A good yogi doesn’t judge!! Just respect it. 😉

Well anyways, today’s been busy with both. Got up at 7.00 to go assist my first yoga class. For the first class, I just stood (or kneeled) at the back of the class and took a LOT of notes — mostly on the structure of the class. This is gonna be a very interesting experience. And in April, I’ll teach a karma yoga class on a Sunday. Gotta start preparing for that already!

So after the class, I came back home, went grocery shopping, and cooked two batches of chili (vegetarian for me, with lots of meat for Dutchboy) as well as maple muffins. Yummy!

And the Def Leppard thing — believe it or not, I talk about them a lot (difficult not to when your boyfriend works for the band!) but I don’t listen to them that much. But in the car this morning, I felt like listening to them, and LOUD! It was fun!

Then tonight, I take a few minutes break and watch a bit of TV. I come across the video for Armageddon It. Cool! Then again, later, I come back to the TV to finish watching Pedro Almodovar’s “Volver”. When the movie’s over, I flip through the channels: VH1’s Classic Albums is on, and it’s the Hysteria episode. And now, for the past hour, they’ve been playing Def Leppard videos non-stop! So I’m glued to the TV and I can’t change the channel. I DO have all of these videos on DVD, of course, and I never watch them, but not watching when Def Leppard is on TV would be a waste! Almost a sin! Really!

I had been wanting to pop the question for a while now: Can I assist you in one of your classes? But I’m such a wuss. I’m always afraid of getting a no when I request things like that. Actually, it’s that I’m someone who’s very emotional (especially now with the hormones!!). I can cry for a silly little no. So I was scared like hell. But today, I called one of my teachers and asked if I could assist her in her Saturday morning class. She was so excited and asked me if I wanted to start this week. YES!!! I know I will learn so much from this!

My home practice hasn’t come back. Not yet. But soon, I can feel it. My energy level is slowly starting to rise. I’ll hit the 3 months on Saturday. Apparently, this is the best time (second trimester) starting. I’m so looking forward to it, because honestly, the fatigue of the last 3 months has been pretty intense!

On Saturday, however, I went to a workshop N. calls “Shanti Yoga”: 2 hours of yin yoga, followed by 30 minutes of yoga nidra, and 30 minutes of meditation. That was niiiiiiiiice.

Went to the hairdresser’s tonight for my first haircut since last July. With my damaged hair and the strawberry field that’s on my chin (hormones!!!), I got really depressed everytime I looked in the mirror. I already feel so much better now!

Also had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen since July today. She moved a few hours away to do a master’s degree, she’s not in town very often. It was so nice and made me realize how much I miss her. But it also made me feel very good, and we promised we would make more efforts to see each other.

It really wasn’t a bad day, despite the -40 Celsius temperatures!!!

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