I feel like I’m under the influence of some really bad planets right now.

A month and a half ago, I quit my old job because I was offered something really interesting in a yoga studio. I love the fact that it was in yoga, that I would also be teaching there, that it was close to home, close to daycare, and with people I’ve known and practiced yoga for years.

Last Monday, I was informed that the owners of the studio reconsidered their offer. For a bunch of reasons, some of which seemed rather weak to me.

So here it is: my maternity leave ends in one week, and I am jobless.

Freaking out (but still doing everything the situation requires).

Thank god I have Baby A. to keep me grounded.

Here are a few more recent pictures of my little flower.

  • Hmm… Raspberries
  • Having fun with mommy

    Having fun with mommy

    Bathing in Cheerios

    Baby A. and mommy doing yoga

    Cool bandana

    Look at the onesie my daddy got me!