Wow, it’s been almost 3 months since I last posted! I’ve been really busy with Baby Audrey, obviously, but also with yoga.

Baby stuff first: our little girl is absolutely amazing! She’s got two teeth now, started both eating cereals and sitting up without support last Saturday. She is such a good baby, so playful, so much fun! I can’t believe she will already be 6 months in a couple of days! Time flies way too fast. I would like to keep her little like this forever… and at the same time, I love and enjoy watching her acquire new skills, being able to do things for the first time.

I’ve also been quite busy with yoga. I started working for the studio I study at in January. They’re expanding, releasing new products (CDs, DVDs, etc.) and they needed help with the communications side of it all, so they asked me to do it. I’ve also been teaching quite a bit, subbing whenever a teacher has to be replaced. As of this week, I also have my own pregnancy yoga class. It’s a bit weird: I’m just coming out of pregnancy (or actually, I keep saying I’m still in it… the way back is just as difficult as the pregnancy itself!) and I didn’t really do any pregnancy yoga while I was pregnant because I already had my practice. So now I’m studying a lot and adapting to a new kind of teaching (most women who do pregnancy yoga have never done yoga before). I love it! I’m also taking a short pregnancy yoga teacher’s training tomorrow (I had signed up for it before I was offered this class), so that should really help me.

Oh, and I signed up for a week-end workshop with Sharon Salzberg in May, and another one with Richard Freeman in August. I still have 4 months and a half to get back to an Ashtanga shape… Because despite being back to the yoga practice for 4 months already, and practicing several times a week (hey, in January, I almost made WoYoPracMo: I just *forgot* to practice on the 30th!), I’m really not there yet. My strength used to be arm balances, whether it be handstand or chaturanga dandasana, but right now even chaturanga is hell. I don’t get it. Pregnancy was tough on my back and on my legs, not on my arms!

That’s all the time I have for tonight. I’ll have to give Audrey her last bottle and then put her to bed. Will try to post more often, especially since there’s so much yoga going on in my life!